WM Hope Foundation Joseph Zulu

Joseph Dalitso Zulu

I am Joseph Dalitso Anthony Zulu, aged 23, the last born in a family of two. I am an active adolescent adopted from the second group of twenty five adolescents within the support group by Winnie Musonda Hope Foundation based at Matero First Level Hospital. I am an HIV activist who promotes and advocates for effectiveness of adherence among HIV infected adolescents.

Basically my main challenge is that I completed my high school but my family cannot afford to take me to college so that I can further my studies. Despite my lack of funds, my vision is to be a surgical doctor, inspired by my passion and heart I have for people.

WM Hope Foundation Dabwiso Banda

Dabwiso Banda

My name is Dabwiso Banda. I was born on 18th January, 1999 in Chipata, Zambia. I moved to Lusaka the same year. Lusaka has been my home town since then. I am the last born in a family of four.

I started school at Mambilima Primary School in 2007. I did my junior and senior secondary education in Solwezi, North Western Province. Whilst at school I received numerous awards among them was for Best Academic Performance and a Certificate of service for being the Head Boy of the school.

I am a hardworking individual. I have good leadership qualities as I was appointed as the Head Boy in senior high with this position I learned a lot of team work, making cooperation one of my most cardinal quality I possess. I always put myself as an asset to every organization that I get to be involved with rather than a liability. I always display a high degree of responsibility, integrity and ambition.

When I completed my high school in 2018, I returned to Lusaka to hustle for University funds. Along the way I joined a Youth Friendly Space a support group at Matero Level One Hospital and later became a peer educator for Latkings Outreach program. It was at Matero Level One Hospital, where I knew Winnie Musonda the founder of the Winnie Musonda Hope Foundation.

I pretty much have the passion for computers, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, I long to have at least a Bachelors Degree in any of these fields.

WM Hope Foundation Benson Mumba

Benson Mumba

My name is Benson Mumba. I was born in March, 1998 in Chibombo district. I wrote my grade twelve in 2018 at Lusaka Boys Secondary School. I live in Mandevu, Lusaka, Zambia. I am a self-motivated person who is strong, fun loving and hard working.

I started school when I was six years old. I attended my primary school at Mambilima Primary School in Lusaka. I am now a school leaver with dream of attending college so that I can obtain a degree in engineering (automotive mechanics).

Living HIV positive for me has not been easy because I face discrimination but I do not let that bring me down or stop me from achieving my dreams. I spend most of my time at the hospital helping out with different kinds of facility work. and I try to educate adolescents on HIV and AIDS and other health issues.
Life for me has never been easy because I lost my mother in 2007, also I lost my father in 2009 and I lost my sister in 2010. But I still have half brothers and sisters that are so caring and loving.

Though I am a self-motivated person I do have some challenges such as financial support to further my studies. I will really appreciate if anyone can help me with the following: 

– Funds to sit for my GCE exams to rewrite Mathematics, Science and Biology.

– Funds for my university or college so that I can obtain a degree in engineering.A job so that I can be able to support my family and support other people who are unable to attend class and do there dream careers.

I have lived my whole life in Lusaka, Zambia. I would like to see more of the world. I would love to see the United States.

WM Hope Foundation Precious Banda

Precious Banda

My name is Precious Banda, aged 17. I come from a family of five siblings. I am a member of a support group at Matero First level Hospital, an adolescent adopted by Winnie Musonda Hope Foundation. I stay with my parents, but life hasn’t been easy.

My mother doesn’t have a job and my father tries and strives hard so that we can survive. I was privileged enough to complete my junior secondary with good results at grade nine exam, but because of financial hardship my parents were unable to take me to high school, so I have been home for two years. I would be very honoured and humbled if anyone could sponsor me so that I can go back and complete my high school.

WM Hope Foundation Biography Fred Makukula

Kapesa Fred Makukula

My name is Kapesa Fred Makukula. I was born on April 27, 1995 in Matero, Lusaka, Zambia. I am the second born and only boy in a family of three siblings. I have been raised by my uncle and he is the one who is still looking after me. Both of my parents passed away. My mother passed on when I was 5 years and my father passed on last year in 2018.

I did my grades One to Seven at new Kabanana Basic School. I did my grades Eight and Nine at Yotamu Muleya Primary School. I managed to pass my grade Nine and went to Highland Secondary School where I completed my grade and managed to obtain a grade Twelve certificate.
After I completed my grade Twelve I start a small tutoring center where I used to conduct tutoring sessions in Maths and Science to High School students to keep myself busy. I did this for 3 years and later I stopped. And at the moment am not doing anything.


– financial challenges where it comes to taking myself to has limited me where it comes to me upgrading my career.I would really appreciate if anyone would come in and take me to college and help me fulfill my dreams academically.

– Impowerment in areas of my finances because been an orphan life hasn’t been easy on my side.I would really appreciate if i can be unpowered financially.

Francis Mukedi

My name is Francis Mukedi. I was born on 1st January, 2003. My mother died when I was six yrats old in 2009 and my father died two years later in 2011. They both died pf AIDS. I moved in with my aunt and I started living with her in 2011. I was in grade four at the time. I was raised by her, she loves and cares for me.

I wrote my grade seven exam in 2015 when I was 12 years old. I passed and went to Chingwere Primary School to pursue my Junior Secondary. I also did well at my grade nine exam but due to financial hardship I couldn’t afford my school fees, so I had to stay home and I am still at home.
In early 2019 I joined a Youth Friendly Space at Matero Level One Hospital a support group. I was later adopted by Winnie Musonda the founder of the Winnie Musonda Hope Foundation a Non-Governmental Organisation specialised in serving the needs for women especially those infected with HIV/AIDS and to provide orphaned children with an opportunity to go to school through Scholarship funds. I will really appreciate any further support so that I can complete my education.