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  1. Hello!
    you guys are doing an amazing work . Is there possibility for internships with your organisation?
    I am currently working with a nonprofit Organisation called Bakashana in my home Zambia, kasama Northern province. Bakashana is a Bemba (zambian local language) word that refers to young women. Bakashana inspires Zambian women and girls by providing them a future of choice through education, livelihood training, health services, leadership mentoring, and cultural exchange. By embracing a strength-based, culturally relevant approach that combines ancestral wisdom, the cultivation of healthy relationships, & access to contemporary resources, Bakashana empowers young women to become leaders in their communities.

    Bakashana’s primary work involves young women living in rural areas, who have successfully completed their grade 7 education, yet lack the financial or familial resources to attend secondary school (grades 8-12). Bakashana specifically targets young women living near Kasama, the provincial capital of Zambia’s Northern Province.

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